Samsung's Next Gear Smartwatch May Store Its Battery Inside The Strap

By Dave Meikleham on at

My watch is rubbish. It struggles to keep accurate time, the strap chafes my wrist, and the face is a bit scratched… which may or may not have anything to do with a heroic amount of vodka consumption one Friday night. By comparison, Samsung’s next smartwatch sounds so advanced, I’m contemplating selling my spleen so I can afford one.

A new patent (first spotted by LetsGoDigital) suggests the latest entry in Sammy’s Gear range of wearables could boast tech that allows an extra battery to be stored within the watch’s strap.

The patent says Samsung’s next smartwatch could actually be able to house two batteries within its strap – one at each end – which points to this rumoured tech being pretty darn flexible. The same document says the firm will be able to squeeze said tech into either leather, rubber or polymer straps.

As a result of the battery moving to the strap, the patent further suggests this space-saving exercise will lead to Samsung’s next smartwatch being stuffed full of all kinds of advanced features; like a potential fingerprint scanner, and even infrared technology.

It’s not yet clear exactly which Samsung smartwatch this new battery tech will debut in, but the top candidates are likely the Gear S4 and the Gear Sport 2. [LetsGoDigital via TechRadar]