Samsung's Offering Free Gig Tickets to Anyone Who Buys a Galaxy 8 Phone or Tab S3

By Tom Pritchard on at

February starts tomorrow, which is the month Samsung has already confirmed will involve the unveiling of the Galaxy S9 smartphone. Clearly it wants to clear out some old stock before then, though, because its offering people free gig tickets if they go out and buy one right now.

The new Unbox Your Tickets scheme means anyone who buys a Galaxy Tab S3, Galaxy S8, S8+, or Note 8 by 18th February can claim a free ticket worth up to £140. While stocks last anyway. Tickets can only be claimed on the phone itself, using the Samsung Members App that comes preinstalled on the phone. So no buying the phone, getting your tickets, and sending it back without opening it first.

Sadly you can't claim tickets to whatever you like, so only specific gigs and festivals are included in the offer. There's a list of them at the bottom of the terms and conditions, so you can check before you buy and hope they haven't run out. That list also includes a list of participating retailers, including Samsung itself, the four major networks, Argos, John Lewis, Carphone Warehouse, and Mobile Phones Direct.

Unfortunately you won't be able to wait for the S9 to see whether it's worth waiting for the newer handset (though the rumour mill has already given us a decent idea of what to expect), nor can you wait for the S8 devices to get a post-S9-launch discount. But if you want to go to any of the events included, and you need a new phone, it's worth checking out.

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