School Accidentally Shows Children What Mr & Mrs Brown do When Paddington's Asleep

By Gary Cutlack on at

This isn't funny. I'm a dad and trust me, this is definitely not funny. I'm writing this with the same grim, determined face I put on when the wife shows me an allegedly amusing video on Reddit. But, at the same time, it sort of is funny, because you can only imagine the horrific meetings going on right now between staff and parents of children attending Croft Academy in Walsall, after pornography was somehow inserted into a primary school viewing of Paddington.

There's apparently a thing called "Golden Time" in primary schools now, which, we think, is when the kids get to do what they want for a bit so the staff can have a coffee, go on their phones and cry quietly. During one golden spell at Croft, the kids asked to watch Paddington (which one it's not specified, although parents suggest it was Paddington 2), and that's when the badness injected itself via a rude pop up.

A letter to parents explained that "During Year 5's Golden Time today, whilst watching 'Paddington Bear' we had a failure in our filters. An inappropriate image came up."

The letter from the principal had three typos in it as well, which doesn't instil confidence in the school's ability to get anything right, plus the random appearance of porn pop-ups suggests some sort of illegal stream may have been used, what with Paddington 2 not being released in retail land yet. We'll leave these questions — and ones about what type of porn it was and the quality of the encoding — to the angry tech dads of the parent council. [Express and Star]