Scotland Tests Laser Eagle Scarer

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some parts of rural Scotland are lucky enough to have white tailed sea eagles flying about above them, which is lovely for wildlife enthusiasts and tourists. Problem is, crofters who rear sheep in the area are just about fed up with the threat some of these birds pose to their lambs each spring. Hence ultimate tech cureall LASERS to the rescue.

A trial of the technology is about to take place in Argyll, where lasers will be pointed at the hillsides in the hope that this will somehow scare off the eagles. Scottish Natural Heritage and its partners won't be pointing the things directly at the birds, though, as a lot of blind sea eagles won't be much use for tourism. They'll be making laser shapes on the hills, hoping that the odd lights panic the birds.

Scottish Natural Heritage's Sea Eagle Project manager said of the test: "At this point, no trials on laser-scaring deterrents for sea eagles have been undertaken. They are under consideration along with other options. A carefully monitored trial will be critical to make sure lasers are a safe and effective method before we proceed any further." [BBC]

Image credit: Unsplash