Shropshire Chef Spiked Vegan Meals in Revenge Attack

By Gary Cutlack on at

The owner and operator of a restaurant in Shropshire is facing fury and a council investigation after admitting to somehow "spiking" vegan meals with non-vegan products.

Laura Goodman of Italian restaurant Carlini rather unwisely admitted the crime on Facebook, where she proudly said she "...spiked a vegan a few hours ago" although the exact method used -- whether it was a bit of butter in a sauce or the more blatant crime of bacon fat in the mushroom risotto -- wasn't revealed.

The post labelled the diner a "pious, judgmental" visitor, with the argument appearing to stem from the fact that a series of special vegan-friendly dishes were prepared in advance, before the group arrived and ordered a few non-vegan items from the standard menu instead, with the inclusion of mozzarella on a pizza apparently behind the chef's fury.

Anyway, seeing as this is the modern world it's resulted in death threats, internet presences being pulled, the police turning up and Tripadvisor putting up a disclaimer and stopping the one-star revenge reviews flooding in. [The Times]