Sky's Now TV Takes Aim At Amazon With New Now TV Stick

By James O Malley on at

Sky's Now TV streaming service has announced a new device: A new streaming stick that will set you back just £14.99.

The new stick is not just a bargain - it is also matching up to the likes of Amazon's Fire TV Stick in terms of functionality too: Like Amazon the stick supports voice search, and it is smart enough to let you search by the names of actors and directors - and not just the names of shows.

Under the hood, like Now TV's other boxes, it is built on Roku technology - and will be immediately familiar to anyone who has ever used a Roku. What Sky is hoping, however, is that by picking up a Now TV Stick, you'll be tempted to splash the cash on the various content "passes" Now TV offers - such as Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and the entertainment pass for monthly fees. To lure you in, you can get the stick and Sky Sports for a month for just £29.99 - or the stick and Sky Cinema for a month for £19.99.

Perhaps most significantly, as part of the announcement, Sky has also said that by the end of the year (so, umm, any time in the next eleven months), it'll finally be upgrading Now TV's live streams to full HD - meaning that there's basically no point in getting a full-sized Sky box if you don't have a 4K TV. Fingers crossed this higher quality streaming will come to Now TV on all platforms.

The new stick will be available from early next month.