Someone Put Together a Chronological Video Timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

By Tom Pritchard on at

2nd May 2018 marks the tenth anniversary of the release of Iron Man in US cinemas, a film notable for being the very first entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. By then 19 films (including Infinity War) and countless TV episodes will have been released, which means there's quite a bit of continuity to keep up with.

It's not that difficult to keep up with everything the MCU has to offer, but you'd be forgiven if you can't wrap your head round the vague and complicated timeline. While Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has promised an official version of the MCU timeline exists and might eventually be released, New Rockstars has done a pretty good job of piecing everything together.

And I mean everything, since the video below includes all the Marvel-produced films and V programmes that exist within the shared universe - even going so far as to splitting up any flashback sequences to different points in the past.

Impressive right? There's one mistake that I noticed, since the video claims Tony Stark's Civil War hologram flashback took place in the late 1980s. According to the film that was the last time Tony saw his parents alive because they died later that night at the hands of the Winter Soldier. The films makes a point of confirming that this took place on December 16th 1991.

But then again the MCU hasn't been very good at sticking with its own timeline, particularly since Spider-Man: Homecoming claims to be eight years after the events of The Avengers while still being a few months after Civil War which was itself apparently eight years after Iron Man. Jameson was right, Spider-Man truly is a menace to society.

But putting all this together certainly wasn't very easy and you can't blame them for a few minor hiccups along the way. We'll just have to see what Marvel comes up with in the months between now and the release of Infinity War and see if it'll put the record straight. [New Rockstars/YouTube via Screenrant]

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