Sonos' Special Offer Lets You Buy Two Sonos One Speakers for Almost The Same Price as One HomePod

By Kim Snaith on at

From today, Apple's HomePod will be available to pre-order. A speaker and a home assistant, it's a little on the pricier side of the scale for £320. For an extra measly £30, you can buy two Sonos Ones.

From today, Sonos has announced its 'Sonos Two' offer. Priced at £200 each, if you buy two Sonos Ones, you'll save £50, getting two speakers for £349. Only slightly more expensive than one Apple HomePod. Not bad, eh?

Having two Sonos One devices — with built-in Alexa and voice control, but with an emphasis on playing music — allows you to link the devices together with Sonos' multiroom audio capabilities. Alternatively you can pair them up in the same room for true stereo sound.

The multibuy offer is only running until 4th April, or until stocks last though, so if you're keen to get set up, don't wait around too long. You can purchase the Sonos One bundle directly from Sonos.