Supermarket Iceland Wants to be Plastic-Free Within Five Years

By Kim Snaith on at

Iceland — the supermarket chain, not the country — has announced that by 2023, it wants to get rid of or massively reduce plastic packaging from its own-label goods.

Over 1,000 of Iceland's products currently come in a plastic tray or some form of plastic packaging. The initiative will see them become more eco-friendly by replacing anything plastic trays with cardboard ones, for example, and replacing the plastic bags that fruit is packaged in with net (like most oranges currently come packaged in).

Iceland's move to reduce the amount of plastic it uses is part of a more widespread outcry against plastic waste, and isn't the only supermarket to introduce a long-term strategy.  Tesco wants all packaging to be recyclable by 2025, Sainsbury's aims to half theirs by 2020, and Co-op wants 80% of its products to be recyclable by 2020. Some supermarkets have already made changes to some of their products to see an impact — Asda, for example, redesigned its own-brand bottles of water to make them lighter, which has saved 82 tonnes of plastic. [BBC]