T'Challa Is King In A Whole Bevy of New Black Panther TV Spots

By Julie Muncy on at

Marvel Studios is pressing the Black Panther marketing train into high gear, as evidenced today by three new TV spots, each with a healthy mixture of old and new footage.

My favourite is the “King Of Avengers” spot, which includes some excellent moments where T’Challa gets to see his new suit. “It’s lighter, it absorbs energy, and it’s got some swag.”

You can also check out the “Entourage” spot, which highlights the Panther’s fabulous allies, and “T’Challa is Back” to wrap it all together.

We have all three spots to look at courtesy of Comicbook.com (the new spots are in the first thirty seconds of each video). You can view them below, and Black Panther comes out February 12th in the UK.

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