Tesco Delays its Clubcard Changes Until June

By Kim Snaith on at

Earlier this week, we reported that Tesco had announced it was changing its Clubcard Rewards system – rewards worth 4x the face value of your Clubcard vouchers had been changed to be worth just 3x. Those changes had gone live immediately, but due to a backlash from customers, Tesco has backtracked their decision, giving customers a grace period until June.

That means rewards are back to being worth 4x the value of your Clubcard points (but it also means any of the few offers that had been raised from 2x to 3x are now back to being worth 2x). The changes are still going to go ahead, but are now on hold until 10th June, giving us more than four months to spend our collected points without losing out.

So, make sure you exchange your points sooner rather than later, as any vouchers left in your account after 10th June will be subject to the changes. Grab yourself some Pizza Express, Zizzi or Prezzo vouchers – £2.50 worth of vouchers will get you £10 to spend in a restaurant, but only until June – £2.50 in Clubcard vouchers will only be worth £7.50 after 10th June.