The Crown Jewels Were Hidden From the Nazis in the Most British Place Imaginable

By Gary Cutlack on at

The keepers of the royal things were a little worried about all the important crowns and stuff going missing or getting bombed during the second world war, hence the most important elements of the Crown Jewels were taken from their position in the Tower of London and hidden away.

The correct answer to where is: In a biscuit tin buried beneath Windsor Castle. The story goes that the most precious of all the stones in the crown were levered out of position by royal librarian of the day Sir Owen Morshead, who put them in a Bath Oliver branded biscuit tin before they were transferred to a big hole that was dug secretly, overnight, near Windsor Castle. And there they stayed until war was over.

Apparently the Queen, who was 14 at the time, only found out about this during the filming of a BBC documentary about her coronation. [The Times via Business Insider]