The Google Arts and Culture Selfie Doppelganger Tool isn't Available in the UK Yet

By Kim Snaith on at

Over the weekend, you've probably seen a buzz around Twitter and the internet at large about an update to Google's Arts and Culture app. The app, which lets you discover works of art and curates interesting articles about arts and culture, now has a new feature: upload a selfie, and it'll give you a list of portraits you resemble. There's only one catch: the update hasn't reached the UK yet.

Using Google's facial recognition tools, the app maps your face and compares it to over 70,000 words of art it has in its database. It's pretty nifty, and plenty of our friends across the pond have had some fun with it:

As for when the update will reach this side of the Atlantic, we're not sure. Reviews of the app on the Google App Store demonstrate that the app isn't even available in some US states and seemingly not in Canada. It's unclear if this is a deliberate region-locking or if the update just hasn't been rolled out to some areas yet. We've reached out to Google for clarification and will update when we hear back.