There Are White Creme Eggs in Them There Supermarkets

By Gary Cutlack on at

Cadbury has done a great thing or a silly thing depending on your opinion of the sociopolitical importance of the Creme Egg recipe, with a white-shelled version of the classic January-through-April treat now on sale.

You can't just buy one, though, as this is a clever idea Cadbury has had in order to make us buy Creme Eggs all of the time until they hit the discounters in May. The white ones are in the same wrappers as the brown ones, see, so it's sort of like a national lucky dip to see if you get one or not. Also, getting a white one might mean winning a prize too, as some of the white eggs come with bar codes that get the eater a cash windfall of up to £1,000 should they pass a bar code check.

The white versions are on sale now, mingling with the others as if black/white chocolate segregation is unimportant to the nation, and will remain out there until April 1st. Surely this is going to mean mass foil-scratching and discarding of the standard milk choc options though? [Mirror]

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