This Is DoubleDeckerAnton - My New Favourite Vlogger

By James O Malley on at

One of the joys of YouTube if finding someone who offers a unique perspective - and then being able to go back through their videos and learn more about their world. And that's what I did over the weekend when I stumbled across a vlogger who calls himself DoubleDeckerAnton.

Anton is a 39 year old London bus driver, who is originally from Yorkshire, and his lo-fi videos are all shot while on board - though not, it should be noted, while he is driving.

I can't quite articulate why I find his videos so endearing. Perhaps it is because he's clearly an authentic character: He's not an irritating teenager, like so-many vloggers - nor is he a bald man surrounded by Star Wars toys ranting about how feminism is destroying his beloved franchise. Instead, he's just a bus driver, who clearly bloody loves his job.

Each video highlights different aspects of the bus experience, giving passengers a peek behind the curtain at what it is really like commanding such an enormous vehicle on the capital's roads.

On one of his videos he reveals that he started vlogging on YouTube because he was originally posting videos on Facebook, before his friends told him that he should start posting publicly too.

He clearly has a passion for his job - as evidenced by him knowing all about different models of bus, and lots of the geeky technical details. Here he is talking about a hybrid bus that was being replaced by an all-electric vehicle:

Part of me worries that by highlighting his channel, it might increase the risk of his bosses shutting him down. But I hope that TfL and whichever bus company employs him will see that Anton is giving bus drivers a human face - and that, if anything, he deserves a bonus.

Anton currently has around 2000 subscribers, and you should join them on his DoubleDeckerAnton channel.