This Kickstarter Wants You to Use Emojis Instead of Hand Gestures While You Drive

By Kim Snaith on at

Successfully funded via Kickstarter last month, CarWink is a tool designed to make it easier for drivers to communicate with other road users. We all know how important hand gestures can be when driving — a wave to say 'thanks' when someone lets you pull out, or, you know, a middle finger or loose shake of a fist if someone cuts you up.

CarWink, a little screen that sits in your back window that's controlled by your smartphone, wants to focus on just the friendly gestures, though. Besides an 'unamused' face, the other options programmed into the app are designed to be polite and informative — you can say thanks or sorry, and you can also let other drivers know of upcoming hazards in the road. There's, er, also a flirting emoji. For real emergencies, obviously.

The app is voice activated so you don't have to go fiddling with your phone while you're driving - a quick "CarWink say thanks" will get the correct emoji displaying on the panel — which is cleverly powered by solar panel. Nifty.

According to the project's Kickstarter page — which was successfully funded on 31st December with just over $100,000 — CarWink will begin shipping in June for a retail price of $120 (around £90). I'm not sure if the average British road user is harmonious enough to want to send "party time" emojis to every driver they pass, but hey, it's a nice idea. [BBC]

Images via Kickstarter/Innovart