This Talented Artist Makes Character Models Out of Babybel Wax

By Kim Snaith on at

When you've tucked into a bit of Babybel cheese, you probably don't give much consideration to the red wax other than tossing it into the bin. For Mitchell, a talented Newcastle man though, the wax is the most important part: he uses it to make incredibly detailed models.

While he only makes the models for his own leisure, he's gathered popularity recently after his sister-in-law set up a Facebook page in order to showcase some of his creations. Recently, he's been inundated with donations of Babybel wax, and a lot of interest from people wanting to purchase his work. So far though, they're not for sale — although Mitchell does accept requests if there's anything particular you'd like to see.

The amount of detail that goes into Mitchell's models is pretty incredible. The photos speak for themselves:

Red Dwarf

Wallace and Gromit


If you want to find out more about Mitchell and what's perhaps the best use of Babybel wax we'll ever see, visit his Facebook page, Mitchell's Marvellous Models.

All images: Facebook/Mitchell's Marvellous Models