Uber Accused of Excess Sneakiness in Winning Aberdeen Licence

By Gary Cutlack on at

Uber recently added Aberdeen to the list of UK cities it's allowed to operate within, but the area's MSP claims the way the cab firm and the council handled the deal was a bit of a whitewash.

Uber and the council were able to skip the potential awkwardness of a consultation due to the fact that there were no objections received to the plan for the minicab firm to open in the city, but the notification about Uber's intention to open up was particularly hard to find.

The only public notification was a printed letter put in the window of a blank and generic office recently hired by Uber, with this statutory notice of display the only way non-council people and non-police employees could hear about it. As the police didn't object, that was it. The council rubber stamped it and the silver Priuses are free to roam the city.

MSP Kevin Stewart said this avoidance of a public consultation was farcical, telling the BBC: "I have had a lot of correspondence already from taxi drivers and constituents about the fact that there has been no consultation whatsoever. The fact the the council only talked to the statutory consultee, which in this case is Police Scotland, and no-one else is quite outrageous." [BBC]