Uber UK Forces its Drivers to Have a Little Rest

By Gary Cutlack on at

Uber sort of has and also sort of hasn't admitted some of its drivers are pushing themselves too hard in order to earn a decent wage, as the minicab business has begun restricting the number of consecutive hours its UK drivers can work.

The restriction is still rather Mobile Dickensian Workhouse, though, as Uber's reworked admin tools now allow its drivers to work for ten solid hours before it stops taking bookings for a six-hour window. So that's half an hour to get home, half an hour to have something to eat, half an hour to get to sleep, then a lovely four hours of relaxing sleep and roundabout dreams before waking up, refreshed and alert, to leave home to dice with urban traffic for another ten hour shift.

Uber obviously says this is good and means it cares about the people it sort of half employs, whereas driver unions suggest this is limiting potential earnings and serves only to keep the app-booked fleet of freelance-ish drivers on the bread line.

Drivers can still pull substantially more than 10-hour shifts, though, as the booking app doesn't count time drivers spend cruising empty of passengers or waiting idle while a dazed man staggers around looking at his phone and trying to find the right street for the pickup. [Sky News]

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