UK Borrows Posh Bit of Knitting From France

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK is about to announce something positive to do with Europe, it seems, with sources suggesting a crack team of negotiators has wangled a loan of the Bayeux Tapestry for a future generation of British school children to trudge along and look at.

According to governmental insiders, Theresa May is to announce the wallcovering trade deal later this week, where it's likely to be banged on about as evidence that we can be nice to people from over the Channel when we really have to because there's something in it for us.

It's said that French president Emmanuel Macron has approved transportation of the war scene (depicting the time EU forces came over here and imposed their rules and regulations upon us) from its permanent base in Normandy -- pending inspections and approval that it can be moved without damage -- although it's not clear what we're giving in return. A hamper with some cheddar in it, perhaps? A DVD of Only Fools and Horses? Some marmalade that was probably made in a factory in the Netherlands? [Guardian]

Image credit: YouTube

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