Virgin Trains Stops Stocking the Daily Mail

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those hoping to be made angry about society on a long train journey are out of luck, as Virgin Trains has revealed it's to stop selling the Daily Mail on all of its services.

The decision was apparently announced quietly to staff last year and is already in place, with a Virgin exec explaining: "There’s been considerable concern raised by colleagues about the Mail’s editorial position on issues such as immigration, LGBT rights, and unemployment. We’ve decided that this paper is not compatible with the Virgin Trains brand and our beliefs. We won’t be stocking the Daily Mail for sale or as a giveaway."

Surely Daily Mail readers go everywhere in a Ford Granada anyway? You don't want to go on a train, you might end up sitting opposite Jeremy Corbyn and he'll be stinking the whole carriage out with his hummus and orange peel. [Campaign]