VLC for Android *Finally* Gets Some Form of Chromecast Support

By Tom Pritchard on at

Chromecast was a big deal when it arrived four and a half years ago, since it meant you could smarten up you TV on the cheap using your phone, tablet, or PC. Nowadays it's not so special, but it's finally getting one feature it's been lacking all these years: support from VLC.

VLC for Android is adding experimental Chromecast support to the latest version of its beta app, letting people beam content onto their TVs at the push of a button - much like every other app that supports Google's dongle. It supports audio as well, in case you're one of the people with a Chromecast audio or just want to take advantage of the sound system already connected to your TV.

It's strange that VLC would take so long to integrate its player into Chromecast, especially since there are now multiple apps that filled that gap in the market to let users stream local content directly from their devices. Still it's better late than never.

It's worth pointing out that this feature is still classified as experimental, so it's not going to be the stablest thing in the world. Android Police already noted problems trying to Cast internet streams, and you can be sure that the bugs don't end there. But that's bound to improve in time, and if you do use a Chromecast or other Cast-enabled device regularly then this is certainly something you'll want to check out.

The feature hasn't rolled out to the public version of the app, but beta users should be getting their hands on it soon. If you're not a beta user, or just extra impatient you can sideload the latest version with the APK. Obviously there are the usual risks associated with that, so do it at your own risk. [Android Police via Ubergizmo]

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