Watch This Daredevil Dive 1,300 Feet Off a Cliff Using Nothing But a Rope to Stop His Fall

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Given the option, I would happily wear a parachute to merely stand on the observation deck of a towering skyscraper. But Carlos Munoz, who is apparently immune to the fear of heights, uses only a static rope line to stop his fall after jumping and plummeting 1,393.7 feet off a cliff—which is a new world record for such a stunt.

To help put that height into perspective, after jumping, Munoz free-falls for a full 20 seconds before reaching the end of the rope, at which point he’s jarred to a stop when he runs out of slack. And just to be clear, he wasn’t tethered to a long elastic bungee cord which stretches and dissipates the excess energy at the bottom of the fall. This was climber’s rope which brought Munoz to a very sudden stop at the bottom. Uncomfortable, for sure, but better than the ground.


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