We're All Going to Live Longer! (But as Disease-Ridden Depressives)

By Gary Cutlack on at

There is some good news and some bad news coming in from the science world today, which confirms that the trend towards longer life is set to continue. Hooray. More time at the end of it all for watching TV on a pension. But although we might live longer, more of us are going to be doing so while beset and broken by the many plagues brought onto our own heads by modern lifestyles.

The key horror phrase to look out for is "multi-morbidity" -- a term used to describe people who suffer from four or more medical conditions that impact on their health and quality of life. This group of unfortunates is set to double in number by the year 2035, a Newcastle University study warns, which is going to see the poor old NHS queuing trollies full of the sick down streets outside hospitals in order to cope.

Arthritis, depression, cancer and diabetes are all likely to rocket in the over-65s of the future, which if you're 45 and eyeing up a bacon baguette, crisps and 500ml of slightly diluted sugar for lunch, means YOU. [Guardian]

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