Xbox One X Owners Want Microsoft to Give Them a Free Kinect Adaptor

By Tom Pritchard on at

As you may have seen, Microsoft recently hammered the final nail into Kinect's coffin by discontinuing the adaptor that connects the console to the Xbox One S and One X consoles - a necessary component for Kinect owners who upgraded due to the newer consoles lacking the dedicated port of the original console. Existing Kinect owners aren't too happy about the news, and think the people who upgraded from the original Xbox One should get a free adaptor.

At the time of writing 1,220 people have voted in favour of the idea over on Xbox's User Voice site. The idea was that because Microsoft probably stopped making the adaptor before the Xbox One X was released, anyone upgrading to the 4K console is essentially forced to ditch the Kinect sensor. Given the sour reception to Kinect following the Xbox One's initial launch in 2013 the number of people actively using the sensor is bound to be quite low. Regardless they're still out there, and all they really want to do is continue using the peripheral they paid for and presumably still use.

This wouldn't be the first time Xbox One owners have been entitled to a free Kinect adaptor either, which is probably where this idea came from. After the launch of the One S, anyone who bought the new console and had a Kinect could register both devices and have Microsoft send them a free adaptor. It was only available for a limited time, but it meant the people who used the Kinect (for whatever reason) weren't being penalised for upgrading.

Given the adaptor's $40/£33 RRP, it's not as though the adaptor was going to break the bank. It's a pain to have to pay for it, but it's not an unreasonable price. The main issue is that Microsoft has stopped selling it altogether, and it seems most big online retailers have followed suit. That means the price has skyrocketed on sites like Amazon and eBay, particularly thanks to some sellers exploiting the new demand and hiking up the price. One eBay seller I saw wanted £130 for a brand new boxed Kinect adaptor, and high street reseller CeX currently wants £65.

Judging from a lot of the comments on Xbox UserVoice, it seems a lot of people just want to be able to buy the adaptor for a reasonable price and not line the pockets of exploitative resellers. It's not about getting free stuff, it's about being able to use the device they paid for and want to keep around - despite the fact Microsoft has all but abandoned it. [OnMSFT]

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