You Could Spend Your Valentine's Day in the Romantic Ambience Of Greggs

By Tom Pritchard on at

Valentine's Day is just over two weeks away, putting a pressure on couples across the country to spend a bunch of money on cards, flowers, and other crap lest their partners decide they don't love them any more. If you can't cook worth a damn that also involves going out for dinner, and if you somehow forgot to make a reservation then Greggs has your back.

Yes Greggs with the pasties and the sausage rolls is doing Valentine's Day, and you can book a candlelit table for you and your loved one.

Fives Greggs locations across the UK will be serving a special four course meal that include canapes as a starter, followed by your choice of love heart garnished bakes served with roasted potato slices and garnished with Apollo, spinach, and sundried tomatoes. The dessert courses are comprised of doughnuts with butterscotch sauce and 'Petit Fours', which is a fancy way of saying coffee with chocolate brownies, shortbread, and a raspberry/almond biscuit of some sort. Prosecco will be available to drink throughout the meal, or you can have something soft if you're not a hipster Millennial.

The stores themselves will be transformed, coming with mood lighting, candles, roses, music, and white linen tablecloths. Not sure why white tableclothes are a romantic thing, but I suppose it's better than the tables they usually have. At least they're making an effort to make it a pleasant evening.

Reservations open on 7th February, costing £15 per couple. It's not available everywhere, sadly, but anyone near London Clapham Road, Manchester City Tower, Glasgow Argyle Street, Newcastle Grainger street, and Cardiff Queen Street can try and book a table for themselves. You'll have to be there at 7pm too.

Greggs promises that this will be a memorable evening for all couples, whether they're on a first date or have been together for 30 years. It's probably not a good idea to take a first date to Greggs, of all places, not unless they have a great sense of humour or a major thing for pastry-based food.

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