You Now Can Watch All of Friends on Netflix in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Usually when people talk about changes to the Netflix catalogue, it's because Netflix released a new original production or something good got taken off for one reason or another. Today's a little bit different, since Friends has made its way onto Netflix's UK catalogue in its entirety. That's 10 series, totalling 236 episodes that should keep you occupied for around 86 1/2 hours.

This isn't the first time Netflix has added Friends to its catalogue, but I can't actually remember if it was ever available in the UK. It used to be watchable around three years ago, but that was back when everyone used VPNs and proxies to watch the vastly superior US catalogue. Considering Netflix teased the announcement just before the New Year with this tweet, it probably wasn't available here. Whoops.

So now you don't need some sort of TV subscription to watch it all on Comedy Central, or £37-£47 for a DVD/Blu-ray boxset. Now if Netflix would just bring back the US Office and Parks and Recreation, that'd be great. The fourth series of Brooklyn Nine Nine would be great too.

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