Alexa Can Now Control Amazon Fire TV

By James O Malley on at

Exciting news for lazy TV viewers. Amazon has today announced that it will be updating Amazon’s Fire TV platform - which includes Fire TV Stick - to add support for… umm… Amazon’s own Alexa voice controls.

Previously, users have only been able to use voice controls using the premium Fire TV remote - which also means that you had to have the remote with arm’s length.

Following the update now, what Amazon calls “far-field control” will be possible for control various different features on Fire TV. You can bark orders like “open Netflix”, or “show my front door camera” (if you have a compatible home security camera). And crucially, you can use Alexa to navigate around Prime Video, with everything you might expect. “Alexa, watch Bad Moms”, is one of the examples Amazon’s press release gives. Though we think the more useful feature might be “Alexa, pause”.

The update is available now in the UK.