Android Users Can Restore the Old Snapchat Design With Some Fiddling

By Tom Pritchard on at

I've used Snapchat in the past, and while I can see the appeal of sending self-destructing images and videos I never quite figured out how to navigate the UI. It was cluttered and the controls did't make much sense to me, which probably means I can officially label myself as "old". But people love that design. So much so that they launched a million+ signature petition to get rid of the new one.

While Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel insists it isn't going anywhere, those of you using Snapchat on Android phones can restore the old design with some fiddling.

9to5Google has a breakdown of how to restore the old design, though it might be a temporary measure since it'll cut you off from any new features Snapchat decides to launch in the future. It's pretty simple, though. All you have to do is delete Snapchat, head into Google Play and turn off auto updates, then install an older version of Snapchat by sideloading the APK.

Updating the app in Google Play will cause the older version to be overwritten, so it's important auto updating is switched off and that you don't hit 'Update All' by accident. So head into Google Play's setting menu, tap the auto-update apps button, then select 'Do Not Auto-Update Apps'. It's pretty simple to find, but if you get lost 9to5Google has an image-based walkthrough for you to refer to.

Sideloading the old APK is as simple as clicking the download in your notification bar, with Android walking you through the whole process. There are risks involved with installing unofficial apps, especially when you don't intend to update and access bug fixes or security patches, so do this at your own risk. Still, if you're that desperate to ditch the controversial new Snapchat design this will ensure you get the familiar old one back. If you ever change your mind and decide you do want the new design, and any extra features that might be announced in the near future, it's as easy as downloading it from Google Play.

Unfortunately iOS users can't enjoy this workaround. So you're stuck with the new design, unless you're willing to swap phones just for Snapchat. [9to5Google via Ubergizmo]

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