Angry Commuter Automates Social Shaming of Train Companies

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man, fed up of not getting a sit down on his train to work in the morning, is trying to make a difference. That man is Nick Schutz and he knows how to make a mobile phone application for iOS.

The app is called GrumpNow, and the idea behind it is that it collates complaints about infrastructure, then pings off messages to the operators' social media accounts when a handful of people tag the same location or provider with the same issue. The idea being that one loan complaint is often laughed of with an "Oh dear" and an amusing GIF of someone from a film being very, very sorry indeed, but if it's a group action with many angry users behind it perhaps the complaint will have more clout.

Of course it relies on people actually bothering to put the app on their telephones (and it's only on iOS at the moment too, which you might want to ironically complain about), with the app promising the satisfaction of being able to "anonymously vent" your woes at everything from a late train to a broken screen on an aeroplane. [GrumpNow via BBC]

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