Barclaycard Trials Bill-Free Amazon Go-Style Restaurant

By Gary Cutlack on at

Barclaycard is having a go at making spending money seem like the right thing to do again, with a trial seeing it test out a bill-free payment option for a restaurant where you just... walk out. No bill, no awkwardness, no social contact, no joking about doing the washing up.

It's not that simple, obviously, as there has to be what's described as a "totem" on your table, which is a posh word for a sensor. This thing knows you're near it because you consented to Barclaycard knowing everything about you in the late 1990s (and you have to have the associated app on your phone), and it'll take the payment from your card, automatically, when it senses you've left the premises. That's nice, although you do miss out on the excitement of maybe getting a free mint.

The trial is quite... small. As in Barclaycard's Dine & Dash system is to be used in the St Martins Lane branch of Prezzo restaurant in London, in March. And you can book now if you want, plus it's being sold as a "consumer trial" where the meal is free in return for giving feedback on the whole process, which is like not paying for your dinner twice. [Mobile Marketing via Eventbrite]

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