British Booze-Lover Completes 20,000-Mile Pub Pilgrimage

By Dave Meikleham on at

As a frequently sauced-up Scotsman, I can't deny I enjoy the odd tipple, but even I have to tip my rum-stained cap to Ben Coombs. The 38-year-old from Plymouth recently completed a 20,000-mile pub pilgrimage, driving his car across 21 countries as he started at the most northerly bar in the world, and finished at the most southerly. Now that's some serious dedication to inebriation.

Image: A photo of Coombs and his car taken in Arizona, North America (photo: Ben Coombs)

The journey took him seven months to complete, with the BBC reporting Coombs thought the final pub of his trip was "a dive."

Apparently, he was inspired to go on his epic beer quest while having a pint in Dartmoor, and not too long after, he was enjoying a refreshing alcoholic beverage in the first bar of his pilgrimage; a pub located in an abandoned mining settlement on the Norwegian Island of Svalbard.

"Pyramiden is less than 700 miles from the North Pole, is the northernmost settlement on earth with a permanent civilian population, and has only one bar," he told the Beeb.

After enjoying an eye-opener at the world's most northerly bar, Coombs drove Kermit–a two-decade-old TVR Chimaera–around the globe, first travelling right through Europe, before eventually taking in South America countries like Argentina, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile.

His epic road trip finished up in the Chilean village of Puerto Williams on February 12th, which is where the aforementioned "dive" bar was located.

"There are probably more appealing places to travel 20,000 miles to get to," Coombs told the BBC, "But that's not really the point. It's the journey that matters, not the destination."

Ben, I salute your dedication to consuming globe-spanning hops.