Builders Promise No More Toolbelt Honeys at Tradeshows

By Gary Cutlack on at

The operators of the UK Construction Week trade event have been rudely snapped into the reality of 2018, and, in an attempt to stop it all kicking off at this year's event, have assembled a code of conduct for exhibitors that explicitly warns against bunging loads of models into bikinis and having them parade around holding power tools incorrectly and unsafely for the amusement of trade attendees.

The tired old concept of pretend showgirls in hot pants were one of the lowlights of the 2017 building trade event, with these new guidelines for 2018 telling the salesmen of the building supply world that they need to start thinking about accurate gender, age and ethnic staff representation among brochure-thrusters, also warning that those organising stands need to make sure they don't objectify women -- or men -- by making them do things that used to be OK in the 1970s and still happen in modern pornography but aren't widely acceptable in the real world.

It all seems to be being done to ward off internet scandals built on shared photos of swimsuit models handing out leaflets for copper piping, with the guidelines saying: "The consequences of getting it wrong with the proliferation of social media means that a situation can escalate very quickly with limited ability to stop it." [UK Construction Week via BBC]