Celebrate Valentine's Day the Right Way With Free Access to Pornhub Premium

By Tom Pritchard on at

Valentine's Day is usually associated with chocolate, flowers, and taking someone out for a nice meal, but the good people over at Pornhub know that this isn't really suited for everyone. That's why it's continuing its long-standing tradition of giving people free access to Pornhub Premium all day. 3.5 million people took advantage of the deal last year, and that number is only expected to increase.

Pornhub is also commemorating the return of this deal in the only SFW way it knows how, with statistics. Evidently people love getting free access to something they normally have to pay for, because last year Valentine's Day saw a 308 per cent rise in the number of people accessing Pornhub's premium content.

That's on average across the world, with the biggest change coming from countries like Chile, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. The UK clearly wasn't at all interested, sitting right at the bottom of the top 20 with a measly rise of 138 per cent on average.

As for the kind of content people were looking for, it seems the day gets them in the romantic mood. Premium searches for 'Valentine's Day' were up 1.092 per cent, placing it third on the list of premium searches for the day. It was beaten out only by 'lesbian premium' and 'premium HD'. Pornhub also found that Premium users were far more likely to search for lesbian, ebony, and virtual reality porn than the people using the free version of the site.

Valentine's Day didn't just come with an increase in searches for themed porn, either, since it seems romance was in the air for Pornhub's many visitors. 'Valentine' saw a 3,481 per cent increase in searches, followed by 652 per cent increase for cupid, 244 per cent for love, 225 per cent for massage, and then bizarrely 209 per cent for cuckold.

So even when porn is involved, it's not just about watching videos of naked people and sex. Not really.

To take advantage of the deal, all you need to do is head over to Pornhub now. It gives you ad-free access to the main Pornhub site, access to over 100,000 premium videos, exclusive channels, 4K content, and exclusive VR porn. It's free to sign up, and the offer page promises you don't even need to give them your credit card details.

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