Channel 4 Wants to Make Crufts an Exciting Sporting Thrill Ride

By Gary Cutlack on at

The 2018 TV coverage of sickening animal parade Crufts is apparently going to be exciting for once, with Channel 4 and its external production friends hoping to jazz it up and make it into a dramatic sporting event of the sort men race to be first to tweet the results of on social media.

The ideas? Cameras on the dogs. More hours of coverage. Live streams on YouTube. Light entertainment in the afternoon. Men in costumes pretending to be dogs to trigger Big Brother-style needle between competitors. That last one's not real, but the plan to create 14 hours of more thrilling than usual good-boy TV content is indeed the ambition.

Clare Balding and Peter Purves will be the ones trying to make sense of this newly digital dog show, and if you can stand the affectations of Alan Carr there's a "fun-filled, hour-long show" on each of the four days of the event hosted by Carr for the further entertainment of people who enjoy dogs vicariously through the TV.

Channel 4's sports boss Stephen Lyle said: "Crufts is so much more than a world famous dog show. It’s a joyous four day celebration of our best friends and our relationships with them. And this year, Clare Balding and the team will be there with more action, stories and dogs than ever before." [Channel 4 via iNews]