Comedian Sued by Husband for Joking About Relationship

By Gary Cutlack on at

A British comedian is being sued by her estranged husband for defamation after making reference to their faltering relationship in part of her on-stage routine.

Louise Reay is asking for help to pay for her legal fight through crowdfunding site GoFundMe, where she explains: "I referred to my husband a couple of times -- perhaps 2 minutes' worth of reference in a 50 minute show. The main gist of those references was to tell the audience how sad I was that my marriage had broken down recently."

The husband's legal people said: "Beamont repeatedly performed a comedy show which identified our client verbally and in still and moving images, contained private information about him and his relationship with Ms Beamont, and made very serious and inflammatory allegations of wrongdoing against him."

Public shows in London and at the Edinburgh Fringe where the relationship jokes were made are specified in the complaint, with the estranged husband deciding his feelings are worth £30,000 -- the amount of compensation he's asking for. [GoFundMe via The Times]