Diplodocus Starts Slow Rampage Around UK Museums

By Gary Cutlack on at

Dippy the Diplodocus -- or at least that's what paleontologists think its name was -- is about to begin its tour of  the UK, where it'll spend the next three years being taken to bits and rebuilt in museums around the country.

The first place to have enough space and a room with high enough ceilings to receive the former National History Museum's imposing centrepiece is Dorset County Museum in Dorchester, ideally placed on the Jurassic Coast where men are always ripping aparts the fragile cliffs looking for fossils of a weekend.

This leg of Dippy's tour opens to the public on Saturday, where it'll stay until early May, viewable for free if you book in advance, although it would be nice if you left a donation or bought a badge at least. [Dorset County Museum via BT]