Don't Expect an In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

By Tom Pritchard on at

The idea of an in-screen fingerprint scanner has been thrown around for a while thanks to phone rumours, especially where both Apple and Samsung are concerned. While Apple supposedly gave up on including a more discreet version of TouchID in the iPhone X, there have sill been rumours that Samsung had something up its sleeve. If it does, it probably won't be arriving this year.

With the Galaxy S9 launch so close, it is time to look forward at the next phone Samsung will have to offer - the Note 9. While leaks have already made it very clear that the S9 will include a standard rear fingerprint scanner (in a new position, naturally), some rumours had hoped the Note 9 would include the coveted sub-screen biometrics. But according to sources with knowledge of the supply chain, that won't be the case.

The rumours about the Note 9 being the first Samsung device to have the new fingerprint scanner are mainly down to patents that revealed themselves a few days ago (via Trusted Reviews). That wouldn't be much to go by on its own, seeing as how phone companies patent things all the time with no promise that they'll ever make it to market. But following the reveal of a working in-screen fingerprint scanner at this year's CES, courtesy of Chinese phonemaker Vivo, it suddenly became a very real possibility.

But just because something could happen doesn't mean it will. Samsung could have included dual speaker systems in its phones for years, but it hasn't for whatever reason.

According to the sources the Note 9's fingerprint scanner will be in the same place as the Note 8 - on the back next to the camera. As to why the in-screen scanner isn't included, it seems Samsung still hasn't decided which technological route to take. There are a few ways it could be implemented, including Qualcomm's ultrasonic-powered approach, an optical sensor from Korean company Beyond Eyes, and of course the one developed by Vivo and Synaptics which features a fingerprint scanner underneath the display that's able to peak between the pixels on the screen.

It also might be too late for Samsung to have implemented the tech, Synaptics' sensor was only unveiled in December, and only proved itself as a working concept last month. If details about the Note 9 are already hitting the supply chain, it's likely that it's quite late in the development and design process. Maybe there will be room for one in the S10, Note 10, or the long-awaited Galaxy X, but for now don't get your hopes up. [The Bell via Slashgear]

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