EE Wants Your Home Broadband to be 4G and Will Screw a Thing to the Wall to Help

By Gary Cutlack on at

EE has rolled out its 4G Home Broadband product across the whole country after (what it says was) a successful trial in rural Cumbria, promising maximum speeds of (up to**) 76Mbps for everyone -- and you can even have an external antenna fitted now if your internal 4G signal isn't quite strong enough.

EE thinks this is enough to get people paying between £35 and £60 for its introductory data bundles that top out at 200GB of data per month, with it costing an extra £100 to have a man in a van come out and attach an antenna to your house if you don't have a convenient indoor spot to put the router to get the strongest connection.

The network is specifically targeting rural areas with this product, claiming it might save as many as 580,000 homes from languishing in sub-10Mbps legacy copper BT hellholes, thanks to EE's data which says its 4G signal now covers 99.6% of UK homes. That can't be right but it's what it says here.

EE's marketing boss Max Taylor said: "As our network continues to expand into some of the most remote parts of the UK, we've seen the amazing impact that 4G connectivity can have on rural communities. Our newest 4G home broadband router and antenna takes this one step further, ensuring thousands of families in rural areas across the UK could enjoy the benefits of superfast broadband inside their home for the very first time -- whether video-calling the grandparents or streaming their favourite TV series." [EE]