EE's Going to Show Parents How Those Parental Control Things Actually Work

By Tom Pritchard on at

According to the government parents don't actually know how to protect their children online, which is where those draconian anti-porn laws came from. Or so they say. To help educate parents about this whole 'online safety' thing, EE is going to show them how parental controls work.

The news comes as part of Safer Internet Day, with the network offering specialist online safety to 600 stores up and down the country. Part of that training includes step-by-step training to show parents how they can set up parental controls on multiple devices around the house.

EE is also partnering with Internet Matters to develop something called 'the new talk'. But instead of being about sex, it's about making sure kids understand the concept of staying safe online.

Marc Allera, CEO of EE and BT's consumer business said:

"We understand that parenting in the digital world can be a daunting job and, while many parents do discuss online safety with their children regularly, many device purchases are made without thinking about having the necessary 'talk'.

I am delighted that we're training our customer service staff to support parents, like myself, to have 'The New Talk' on internet safety with their children - alongside support and advice on important issues such as online behaviour, safety and security."

All parents need to do to get help is walk into an EE store, or head to the Internet Matters website. We hear at Giz also have our own guides on how to set up parental controls on devices, and how to set up accounts for your kids. [Pocket Lint]

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