Eurostar's Direct London-Amsterdam Trains Launch in April

By Gary Cutlack on at

Eurostar's about to buck the trend and make our connections with Europe a little bit stronger, with a direct high-speed service from London to Amsterdam -- on a bloody train that goes under the sea, lest we forget to be excited about this bit of 1980s/1990s engineering -- starting in April.

Tickets for the new rail route are scheduled to go on sale on February 20, with the first trains flying off from April 4. Trains leave from St Pancras station which regional readers might need telling is quite near the middle of London, with prices said to start at £35 for a single if you align your logging in on the day perfectly with the launch of the cheap tickets.

The only problem is the coming back bit. Due to customs woes, returning trips are not direct; passengers have to stop off in Brussels for tedious passport control reasons. Proper direct returns from Amsterdam will be ready by late 2019, they say, should a state of war not exist between us and Europe by then. [Eurostar via Guardian]