Even Tunnocks Tea Cakes Can't Resist a Bit of 1970s Sexism

By Gary Cutlack on at

The maker of the classic Tunnocks Tea Cake thought it might be nice or clever or funny to reimagine the bizarre 1970s world of the sexist tennis advert to sell its products, and used a massive billboard to show a woman stuffing a tea cake into her pants. It's going to melt up there, those foil wrappers do nothing.

Obviously there were complaints about this, or at least once complaint, even though the poster was erected in Glasgow right opposite a tennis event where you'd expect people to be on message and knowingly winking at each other at how clever it is to ironically reference the advertising norms of yesteryear.

The ASA came up with one of its usual and amazingly strait-laced explanations of why this is a wrong thing, though, saying in its ruling: "We considered the phrase 'serve up a treat' would be understood to be a double entendre, implying the woman featured in the ad was the 'treat', and considered this was likely to be viewed as demeaning towards women."

So we end with the news that Tunnocks was told to make sure it doesn't objectify women again, so no ads pretending two tea cakes are tits in future, OK lads? [ASA via Daily Record]

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