Everything Happening at MWC 2018

By Kim Snaith on at

As we speak, the second big tech event of the year is going on in Barcelona. The Mobile World Congress is where all the big phone companies (and others) come together to show off everything they didn't feel like showing us at CES. That means new flagships, new gadgets, and lots of tech innovations that the general public won't get to see anytime soon.

If you want to stay up to date with all the news and announcements, but can't be dealing with scrolling through everything on Giz, then we have you covered. Over the course of the next few days we'll be updating this post with all our MWC 2018 content, and since our news ed Tom is on the job in Barcelona we'll have plenty for you to enjoy.

Of course, if you prefer, you can also keep up to date by checking the MWC 2018 tag page, too. We like giving you plenty of options.

This Wild Concept Phone's Got All the Sweet Gimmicks the Rest Should Have

Although the Apex isn't intended for sale, it gives us a glimpse of an exciting future phone world that isn’t all about notches and dual rear cameras.

Asus Has Basically Made a More Affordable iPhone X Ripoff with Android

At least it has a headphone jack.

I Sat in a Room With a Projector That Wants to Replace the VR Headset

A room with a very wide angle view.

Holy Crap, Actual Working AR Glasses That Aren't Completely Shit

They actually look and feel like proper glasses, and not some attention-seeking headwear.

Intel's Only Gone and Made a 5G Laptop

But it's only a concept right now. *sad face*

It Doesn't Even Feel like Sony's Xperia XZ2 is Even Trying to Compete With the Big Dogs

Some say Sony's getting serious about phones again, but I'm just sitting here wondering whether that's true or not.

Did You Think the Landline Was Dead? Guess Again

The mobile phone might make the landline feel obsolete, but that doesn't landline are going to lie back and die off without a fight.

Alexa and Cortana Will Duke It Out in the Update to the Best Laptop Under £1,200

Lenovo is showing off its line of new Yoga 730 2-in-1s, which are going to be one of the first systems sporting Alexa’s new PC integration.

Can Nokia's Breezy New Sirocco Phone Stand Up to Samsung's Mighty Devices?

What if there was a phone with the good looks of a late model Galaxy S, but with stock Android inside? Well here’s your answer.

The Samsung Galaxy S9's Biggest Competition Isn't the iPhone

The S9 and S9+ have one massive competitor that may just sink them, and it isn't the iPhone. It's the Galaxy S8.

Dynamics' Connected Credit Card Now Lets Your Bank Message and See How You're Doing

"Was it really you spending £50 on ice cream five minutes ago? Y'alright?"

MWC 2018: Huawei's Matebook X Pro is a Slick Challenger to the Very Best Windows Laptops

The X Pro seems like a laptop that’s clever in all the right ways.

MWC 2018: Sony is Getting Serious About Smartphones Again, and It's Great

The XZ2 feels like a reset.

Samsung Galaxy S9 - UK Price And Release Date Revealed

Cheaper than the iPhone X!

Samsung Galaxy S9 Hands-on: An Unremarkable Looking Phone With Remarkable Insides

Samsung's just unveiled the brand new Galaxy S9 smartphone, and we got to spend some time with the phone.

Nokia Brings Back The 8110 - The Matrix Phone


MWC 2018: Huawei Has Some New Hardware Coming, and it Clearly Has Apple in its Sights

Huawei's not got a phone at MWC, but it does have a laptop and some tablets to show off.