Fast Food Rap Chicken Tops Most Complained Ads List

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Advertising Standards Authority has taken all of January to do the maths, but it's finally here -- the list of the most complained about adverts of 2017. Ironic meat ads and same-sex kisses are what got the complainers of the country angry enough to fire off their best furious emails.

The most complained about advert, with 755 complaints, was this one from KFC, in which there's a chicken and that song by DMX everyone likes.  This needs complaining about because it's rubbish, not because it's offensive:

There's a chicken. And it looks like a rapper. And it's going to the slaughterhouse. Then X gon' give it to ya on a plate. Social media shares among the 9-12-year-old demographic probably made it a winner.

This is the #2 most complained about advert. It's from that funny insurance company that does the funny dancing adverts for people who still have the ability to laugh at the television or anything. Again, it's mainly offensive on the level that enough people agreed it should be made, then other people agreed it was good enough to be associated with and put on TV for millions of pounds, plus is denigrates the memory of Dirrty.

Oh and now it's time to get serious, as the third most complained about advert of 2017 was for something else we don't understand -- soap and breastfeeding awareness. People complained because they were momentarily made to think of tits as functional items that sometimes get dirty rather than sexy clean things jiggling on popstars on YouTube (actually the ASA says the complaints about Dove's ads were that it used ironic language that could normalise criticism of public breastfeeding).

Women kissing for was #4, and the bizarre one from McDonald's about the kid's dead father's favourite bun content was fifth. [ASA]