Good News Rick & Morty Fans, McDonald's is Bringing Back Szechuan Sauce For Real

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last April Rick & Morty kicked off the demand for McDonald's' long-discontinued Szechuan dipping sauce. Demand that the company tried to use to its advantage with a one-day-only promotion that saw the sauce back in stores. Except that didn't go so well, with reports of absurdly small supplies of the sauce that couldn't even come close to meeting the demand from rabid fans who didn't like being told no.

McDonald's apologised for the botched promotion and confirmed that Szechuan Sauce would return, and now it's announced that it'll be next week on 26th February.

While this is unfortunately a US-only promotion for now, McDonald's has confirmed that it will be distributing 20 million sachets of Szechuan Sauce to branches across the USA. It's still a limited-time promotion, and only available with the purchase of Buttermilk Crispy Tenders while stocks last. Bt McDonald's is hoping that the supply will last a while and not be depleted in all of five seconds.

Hopefully things go well enough that McDonald's keeps the promotion going, and expands it to its restaurants across the world. It'll probably rely on people not rioting because if they find out they can't get a tub of sugary gloop. I reached out to McDonald's to ask if there are plans to bring Szechuan Sauce to the UK, but sadly they confirmed there aren't plans to do something similar on this side of the Atlantic.

To commemorate this announcement, McDonald's has launched a new website called We Want the Sauce detailing the announcement, along with a podcast that looks into the strange way a sauce released nearly 20 years ago has had such a big impact. The three episode series was made as part of a collaboration between McDonald's, Studio @ Gizmodo (the creative studio at Gizmodo Media Group, which operates the US Gizmodo site), and Onion Labs.


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