Google Now Tells You How Airlines Are Screwing You Over with Fees and Delays

By Jennings Brown on at

Google’s flight booking service just added two updates that could make transatlantic flying slightly less frustrating—or at least help you manage your expectations.

Now if you’re searching for tickets for American, Delta, and United Airlines flights to or from the US, Google Flights will tell you what amenities you’re missing out on if you book basic economy. This way users will know just how miserable a flight will be and what they might end up having to pay for later on. Maybe that cheap seat doesn’t look so good when you realise you’ll have to pay extra for a checked bag.

Additionally, the updated service now includes more information on flight delays. It provides an explanation for delays and tries to predict if a flight will be stalled. To do this, Google reportedly uses machine learning and historical data to forecast possible setbacks before the airline makes an official announcement. But the feature only alerts users if it is 80 per cent sure a flight will be pushed back.

Flying will continue to be hell, but at least Google is trying to help us better understand that hell. [VentureBeat]

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