Google's Pixel Buds are Finally Available in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Google's Pixel Buds have been available over in the US and Canada for months now, but they're only just making their way to the UK Play Store - which is weird because I've had a review set lying around since at least November. So if you want a pair of earbuds that come with Google Assistant built in, you've got another option.

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That's all the Pixel buds really have going for them, though, since the design is infuriatingly bad, and the capacitive touchpad can be a little bit temperamental. Mine responded to being touched by my hair at the gym, which wasn't exactly ideal, and the buds themselves mimic that rubbish Apple design and feel like they're going to fall out almost constantly. They also sound pretty rubbish, and were rendered almost useless when I was on a busy Tube train.

But easy access to Assistant is useful, especially if you buy into the virtual assistant trend. Pixel Buds' easy access means you can translate foreign languages (Pixel only), reply to text messages, hear notifications, and all those other things Assistant offers at the touch of a button. It's a lot less obnoxious than shouting out "Hey Google" in public, and a lot easier than pulling out your phone to activate Assistant manually.

Assistant is coming to other headphones from third party manufacturers in the near future, but if you want it now (or just want to stay within Google's ecosystem) then you can head over to Google Play and buy a set for yourself right now. They're available in Black, White, and Blue, and cost £159.

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