Health Watchdog Wants Vaping Dens in Hospitals

By Gary Cutlack on at

Public Health England has carried out a monster review of the e-cigarette world, and has decided they're so much better for the health of smokers that vaping products should be sold in hospital shops and their use embraced on the premises, as an aid to assisting those who can't fully quit to transition to the electronic world.

The full independent review says e-cigs are helping at least 20,000 people a year move away from smoke/fire cigarettes and quit the habit altogether, plus the authors believe the numbers show that the health risks of vaping are only "a small fraction" of those that accompany normal cigarettes and those who switch could see "substantial" health benefits from doing so.

Also, the people don't really understand. A large number of smokers think it's the nicotine that's the bad thing about traditional cigarettes, so they don't think there's much point in switching nicotine delivery systems. If the nation was to do a better job of telling smokers it's the actual smoke that's the main problemĀ it could further increase quitting rates.

The data contains more good news for the vape shops of the land too: Public Health England says it doesn't believe e-cigs are a gateway to real cigarettes among the young. [Public Health England via Sky News]

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