Irn Bru Enthusiasts Can Now be Buried in a Branded Coffin

By Gary Cutlack on at

It would probably be libellous of us to say that people who drink Irn Bru are likely to die sooner than everyone else, so we won't say that. But just in case you are an Irn Bru fan and you are planning on dying in the near future from entirely unrelated complications, here's a thing. An Irn Bru coffin.

The bespoke item has been assembled by the Edinburgh branch of the Go As You Please funeral organiser, which has mocked it up as a sort of advert for the fun times that could be had when a loved one passes away and all anyone can think of to say about them is that they really liked fizzy drinks. They say they've created whisky branded coffins on the request of customers before, so why not one celebrating Scotland's other national drink?

The coffin was first spotted through the window of the funeral business by a Twitter user, with the miniature OMG storm it generated resulting in the owners releasing a statement saying it could indeed be yours for £280. [Daily Record]

Image credit: Twitter

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