Irn Bru Has Had to Apologise for its Latest Advert, Because it Sounds Rude

By Tom Pritchard on at

People love to complain, and adverts are one of the things they enjoy complaining about the most - for a variety of reasons. Maybe they're untrue, maybe they feature rapping chickens, who knows. Irn Bru has just had to issue an apology for it's latest advert, which declares "Don't be a can't, be a can."

Obviously because can't looks like it's being used in place of cunt, and that's a word lots of people don't like. Though if you watch the advert it doesn't really come across that way. Not to me anyway, but I can see why it might to others.

Don't be a can't be a can, which comes across as saying don't be so dismissive. In fact the advert has nothing to do with Irn Bru until the very end, aside from the fact that other drinks companies probably wouldn't even dream of hiring actors with Scottish accents.

But the advert, which aired on STV last Friday, received nine complaints that were upheld by the ASA whose spokesperson said:

“The general nature of the complaints are that the ad is offensive and in poor taste and is unsuitable to be shown before the watershed.

We have only just received these complaints and are currently assessing them carefully.”

While it sounds like the ASA still needs to make a decision on the kind of punishment of bans it needs to hand out, other have accused Irn Bru of trying to use swear words before the watershed. A spokesperson for the company said the following:

“Our advertising always plays up Irn-Bru’s cheeky sense of humour and our latest campaign is no different. It’s never our intention to offend so we’re sorry if our new advert hit the wrong note with a few people.

But we hope most fans will enjoy this spin on positive thinking in the spirit it is intended.”

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